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First day in years.....

It was like the first day of a new job for me yesterday! What am I saying, it was the first day of a new job for me yesterday and it was a strange feeling but thoroughly enjoyable.

Since setting up PPS it's been fantastic, have had several new clients but all of these lovely

folks have had work that I've done from home with just regular meetings. So as I'm sitting in my home office with my stuff around me and with regular visits from Posie (our cute and cuddly Cocker Spaniel) it feels familiar. However my new client requested that I spend some time in their office so yesterday was day one.

Got to thinking on the drive down in the car when the last time was that I had a “first day” and it was scary to think that it was 28 years ago!! Working at the same company, albeit in different roles for 25 years meant that I didn't have to face that new job/new people situation for most of my adult life.

Whilst I was getting shown the computer system and their processes yesterday, it took me right back to that first day that I had all those years ago – I remember being shown the Olivetti Word Processor (the early 90's equivalent of OneDrive - lol!! ) and being given a stack of CVs to type and at the end of my first day going home to my mum and telling her I'd never be able to do the job. Obviously didn't do as bad a job as I thought as worked there for 13 years and then was co-owner for the following 12 years. But following on from all those years I've worked for myself so had never had that first day feeling again but I tell you what it was really good.

So I'm feeling really blessed just now, I have clients that I can work for from home and I also get to have office time too. Now all I have to do is work in their office on a Friday and I'll finally have that Friday afternoon feeling again!!

Hope you're all having a great week :)

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