Gary S

April 2019


I was telling Mhairi about my website dilemma. As a designer (in a previous life) I'd designed pages for my new website and was happy with it visually but after attempting to build it had decided the technical side was too much for me. "Send me the page designs and I'll have a look at it for you" she said. A week later she sent me the link and I was looking at a half built site for approval that looked very close to my designs. I was well chuffed. Over the next couple of weeks, I wrote the copy and sourced remaining images and Mhairi worked like a Trojan to get all the programming done. Once it was tweaked and approved, she even handled all the domain and email transfer for me which was a godsend as I'm not great with that sort of thing. It was a breath of fresh air working with someone with such a helpful, 'can do' attitude and I'm absolutely delighted with the result. If you're a small business looking for a new website or a refresh I highly recommend Mhairi. Plus, she's a whiz on all the social media stuff too. I get detention for neglecting my FB page and not interacting enough!! When you work with Mhairi it feels like someone else is on your team, a great feeling for any small business!

Rosy M

April 2019


I had a fab meeting yesterday with Mhairi to look at what I needed to do around my social media. However, it was much more than that, she came up with some really good suggestions about how I can advertise myself, set targets network and generally get myself out there. I got the nicest butt kick ever 😊 and she linked me to another therapist and centre whilst I was there with her. There was humour, support and coaching....I'm the Mind Coach Mhairi is the Media Coach and more. Would really recommend spending some time with her.

Stephen R.

February 2019


Mhairi has just recently started her working relationship with Brechin Golf Club and she has made an immediate impact with her knowledge and enthusiasm to help promote the Club. We are reaching far bigger audiences than ever before and are beginning to market the Club much more professionally. We have some structure to the way we advertise and are already beginning to see more engagement and bookings with customers old and new.

Christine V.

January 2019


Any business I've conducted with Mhairi has been handled in an efficient, professional, courteous fashion, and she's done everything possible to ensure I got the results I was after. Highly recommend.

Anh M.

January 2019


Mhairi is a multi talented professional. I would trust anything to her to get done correctly and with the utmost care.