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The good and the not so good

Working for yourself is a funny old thing.

It's hugely rewarding, hugely scary, hugely stressful and hugely fun. You never quite know what each day will bring - for me it can be even more so as I've got two completely different businesses - this one where I'm helping small businesses with their day to day tasks or special projects and RetroriginalUK where I resell vintage homewares and upcycle furniture. So it's quite a balancing act. And as every small business owner knows there are good days and not so good days (trying to be positive and not saying bad days! :0)

A good day could mean a new client, several sales from my online shop, a commission for a new piece of furniture or it can be a getting a great review, learning something new that you know can help someone later and getting some lovely comments and shares on social media. Of course the first three bring in income which is what we all need but the second three equally matter to a small business. Working on our own does often mean that we don't interact on a personal basis with people outside our own four walls (if like me you are home based for a good bit of the time) so knowing that there are other people out there who do interact and appreciate what you do, be it on social media or on a whatsapp message, etc... does help a huge amount and learning is always a great motivator.

Of course in amongst the good days there are the not so good days - not finding the clients you'd hoped for, working hard on an idea you've had only to find it hasn't worked the way you'd hoped and rushing on a job only to do something stupid just as you're about finished amongst many other things - but let's not dwell on those!!

What I guess I'm trying to say is that it can be tough, the rise and fall of the business comes back to you and if you need that business income to live on then it's doubly tough.

But back to my first sentence "Working for yourself is a funny old thing. It's hugely rewarding, hugely scary, hugely stressful and hugely fun". Yes it's all of those things but as long as the scary and stressful can be enveloped by the rewarding and fun, then to me it's all worth it.

So go on support a small business, there are so many of us about and we all rely on you to help us grow and sometimes just to help us survive. Without you there is no us!

Thanks for reading x

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